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Brine Filtration

Sigachi designs, manufactures, supplies, erects and commissions brine filtration plant complete with test run responsibility for absolute critical solid separation up to 0.3 micron size less than 0.5 ppm before ion exchange process in Caustic-Chlorine (chlorine alkali) membrane cell based plant. This combines pre-coat tank, body feed tank, filtration units, pumps, valves, atomization (based on PLC or DCS) and many other devices and units. The filtration unit's purpose is to remove suspended solid in the brine and deliver clear brine to the next resin exchange tower. Clarifier, Sand Filter (Anthracite), Brine Filter, Ion Exchange Resin and Cells are in the order of the general process of brine treatment. The brine filter always reduces the size of suspended solid (SS) from 0.3 μm and above to less than 0.5 ppm. This is the key unit for protecting against damage by Ion Exchange Resin and Ion Membrane Cells.

Extensively used in Caustic Soda industry for Filtration levels of PPB (Parts Per Billion).

Typical equipment where Cellulose used as Filter Aid are

Advantages of using Cellulose in Brine Filtration