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AceCel ® SG 1030

AceCel ® SG 1030 is a purified form of cellulose obtained from the cell wall of the plants. Cellulose is the most abundant substance on earth, which makes it an economical option for inert food functional ingredients. AceCel ® SG 1030 is used in various food applications to improve finished product quality. It can absorb oil while remaining a flowing powder, making it an ideal choice for use in various processed food.



Human Health

Application Functions & Benefits
  • Anti-caking agent prevents clumps
  • Improves moisture balance for an extended shelf life
  • Improves appearance, texture & allows reduction of fat content
Bread & Biscuits
  • Bulking agent improves texture
  • Retains moisture & maintains softness longer
  • Reduces breakage in biscuits
  • Dietary fiber filler allows partial fat substitution
  • Controls moisture absorption resulting in a smoother surface
  • Improves firmness heat stability in fruit fillings
High Fiber Drinks
  • Dietary fiber reduces calories
  • Bulking agent improves texture
Extruded Snaks
  • Firmness structural element
  • Moisture control
  • Auxiliary lubricant
Protein/Chocolate Beverages
  • Dietary fiber reduces calories
  • Bulking agent improves body & texture
  • Suspension property avoids settling
Meat Products
  • Filler in burgers & meatballs
  • Heat stability
  • Controls protein gelling property