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GloCel TM

In welding electrodes

Cellulose Powder is a versatile product having applications in Welding electrodes.

  • Used as a binder which prevent cracks in welding rods and give good texture.
  • Cellulose burns completely, produce less slag and therefore suitable for deep penetrating welding in every position.
  • Vertical down welding capability especially for circumferential welds on pipelines.
  • Weld metal with good mechanical properties.
  • It leaves practically nothing after incineration and provides inert gas atmosphere at the time of welding.
  • Cellulose ensures that a significant amount of material is molten during welding and a high penetration is achieved.

In enzyme production

  • Cellulose powder is free from harmful foreign material.
  • It is used for the development of a substrate suitable for cellulose enzyme production which is used in various industrial applications.
  • It is also used for the development of a substrate for Trichoderma species.