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Carrier - HiCelTM MCC Spheres

HiCelTM MCC Spheres is partially depolymerized cellulose prepared from Microcrystalline Cellulose after spheronization. HiCelTM MCC Spheres are extremely versatile which is used for controlled release or sustained release formulations.


  • Insoluble in water thus, do not generate osmotic pressure in water solution
  • High degree of sphericity
  • Being neutral in colour, odourless and chemically inert in nature, stability of finished products increases.
  • Excellent carrier for high and low dosages of API making it ideal for use in capsules
  • With higher porosity the quantity of API absorption is also high results in uniform and consistent loading of API
  • Uniform and narrow particle size distribution results in more uniformity in finished product
  • Low friability results in perfect coating
  • Good compactability


  • Used in controlled release or sustained release formulations.
  • The Sugar free, neutral cores offer a good alternative for sugar sensitive users.
  • Manufacturing of granules for sustained release applications.
  • Suitable for non carcinogenic products.


  HiCelTM - 100 HiCelTM - 200 HiCelTM - 350 HiCelTM - 500
Particle size distribution 100 µm – 200 µm 200 µm – 350 µm 350 µm – 500 µm 500 µm – 700 µm
Sieve analysis (Retain on)
(+) 30 Mesh - - - NMT 10%
(+) 40 Mesh - - NMT 10% NLT 90%
(+) 50 Mesh - NMT 10% NLT 90% -
(+) 70 Mesh NMT 10% NLT 90% - -
(+) 140 Mesh NLT 90% - - -


Powdered cellulose is a white or almost white, odorless, tasteless and chemically inert powder derived from plants. It is fine or granular dense powder, to a coarse, fluffy, less flowing material which is used as functional filler or as a carrier.


  • Low dusting and improves handling
  • Low crystallinity
  • Good binding characteristics
  • Low friability
  • Good compressibility
  • Good disintegration
  • Lower moisture content
  • Improved tablets stability
  • Does not contain any additives


  • Powdered cellulose is used as tablet diluent and inert filler in hard capsules.
  • It is used as a bulking agent to increase the physical size of the dosage form for formulations containing a small amount of active substance.
  • Powdered cellulose has acceptable compression properties, although the flow properties of most brands are poor. However, low crystallinity powdered cellulose has exhibited properties that are different from standard powdered cellulose materials, and has shown potential as a direct-compression excipient.
  • Because of their fibrous structure and good binding characteristics, powdered cellulose is used as alternatives or supplements to other fillers for wet and dry granulation.
  • Due to rapid wicking action, fast addition of granulation fluid in wet granulation.
  • In soft gelatin capsules, powdered cellulose is used to reduce the sedimentation rate of oily suspension.

Use Concentration (%)

Capsule filler 5–30
Tablet binder 5–40 (wet granulation)
10–30 (dry granulation)
Tablet disintegrant 5–20
Tablet glidant 1–2