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Carrier - HiCelTM MCG

HiCelTM MCG is a co-processed spray dried blend of Microcrystalline Cellulose (MCC) and Carboxy methyl cellulose sodium (Na-CMC). HiCelTM MCG when dispersed in water under high shear mixing, NaCMC act as a protective colloid by forming a viscous and thixotropic gel. The wide range of viscosities, gel strength and dispersion characteristics of HiCelTM MCG make it suitable for suspension stability.  


  • Odourless & tasteless
  • Smooth texture - Better rheological properties
  • Superior flow - No handling problem
  • Stable over a wide range of pH and temperature - Long shelf life
  • Compatible with various ingredients - No problem in formulation
  • Maintain the viscosity and thixotropy of suspension - No phase separation
  • Negligible calorific value

Grades & Applications

MCG Grade Viscosity, cps Applications
HiCelTM MCG 591 39 – 91
(1.2% solution)
  • Use in oral suspensions as a stabilizer and emulsion prepared with high shear forces.
  • Used in sprays
  • It binds ingredients together and increases the mechanical strength of the tablet, thus preventing flaking of the tablet during pressing.
  • Good binder for tablets
  • As a thickener
HiCelTM MCG 581 72 – 168
(1.2% solution)
  • For ready to use suspensions and emulsion prepared with high shear forces.
  • Accelerates disintegration and dispersion
HiCelTM MCG 611 60 – 140
(2.6% solution)
  • Ready-to-use or reconstitutable, where the drug is mixed with other ingredients in the dry state and reconstituted with water at the time of dispensing to the patient
  • Excellent water uptake capacity
  • Excellent stabilizer and thickener
HiCelTM MCG 811 2400 – 5600
(2.6% solution)
  • Highly effective dispersible cellulose grade for a variety of suspensions, emulsions, and spray applications.
  • Used in sprays
  • Viscosity enhancer
HiCelTM MCG 501 72 – 168
(2.1 % solution)
  • Viscosity controller
  • Stabilizer