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HiCelTM Microcrystalline Cellulose, Spray Dried

The HiCel brand of MCC is byfar the most consistent brand in the Microcrystalline industry. HiCel is manufactured by the Spray Drier route only and boasts of results and parameters superior to the best in the market.

The Pharma industry regards Spray Dried MCC to be technically superior to the Bulk Dried MCC, due to various inherent advantages of Spray Drying. The 50M in the grade typically denotes the average particle size in Microns. This grade is well suited for wet granulation, roller compaction and spheronisation. HiCel 90M combines good and constant flow rates with compactibility. It’s mostly used for Direct Compression. 90M denotes the average particle size of 90 Microns.

The Functionality in Pharma Applications are

  • As a Strong, dry binder
  • High dilutionpotential
    •  good compressibility
    • broad particle size distribution
    • low bulk density
  • Provides for high tablet hardness at low pressure
    • high porosity
    • plastic deformation
  • Facilitates low tablet friabilityPromotes rapid tablet disintegration
  • Good flowability
  • Less glidant requirement
  • Lower tablet weight variation
  • Antiadherent and inherent lubrication, can reduce lubricant requirement

The various Grade of HiCelTM are as under

Grade Description Applications
HiCel™ 50M MCC 101
  • Because of its small particle size, can be used for both wet and dry granulation. Effective when used with large particles because of is binding properties. Primary use is in the wet granulation applications.
HiCel™ 90M MCC 102
  • Has larger particle size, improved flowability, especially with smaller particle size components. Most popular grade of MCC used in direct compression.
HiCel™ LP200 MCC 200
  • Large particle size used with poorly flowing actives. Improves flowability& facilitates high speed tableting of direct compression blends and reduces tablet weight variation.
HiCel™ XLM 90 Low moisture MCC 102
  • Equal to grade 102/90M, but low moisture content (<1.5%) It is recommended for extremely moisturesensitive active ingredient .
HiCel™ XLM 50 Low moisture MCC 101
  • Equal to grade 101/50M, but low moisture content (<1.5%). It is recommended for extremely moisturesensitive active ingredient.
HiCel™ XLM 200 Low moisture MCC 200
  • Equal to grade LP200, but low moisture content (<1.5%). It is recommended for extremely moisture sensitive active ingredient.
HiCel™ 25M MCC 105
  • Finest grade for chewable tablets. Improves texture and compressibility. It gives a pleasant mouth feel, masks bitter tastes & supports flavors.
HiCel™ 12 MCC 12
  • Coarse grade MCC, combines good compatibility & high binding capacity with outstanding flow, provides good content uniformity at low weight variation even when used with low concentration of fine actives.
HiCel™ 14 Low moisture MCC 12
  • Equal to grade HiCel™ 12, but low moisture content (<1.5%) It is recommended for extremely moisturesensitive active ingredient.
HiCel™ HD50M MCC 301
  • Similar to 50M & 90M in particle size, but with higher densities. Both grades have improveflowability and facilitate thinner tablets.
HiCel™ HD90M MCC 302
HiCel™ 90M SCG
  • Coarser than HiCel™ MCC 90M and fine than HiCel™ MCC LP200 .This grade has been specially developed for high density with fine particles API’.

Application related Data can be accessed under “Solution Centre” of the website.