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Purified Talc - Puretalc®

Puretalc® is a fine, white to grayish-white, odorless crystalline powder. Chemically it is a purified hydrated magnesium silicate. It adheres readily to the skin and is soft to the touch and free from grittiness. Talc is insoluble in water, in ethanol (96%) and in dilute solutions of acids and alkali hydroxides.

Advantages & Applications

Purified Talc is extensively used in pharmaceutical, food and cosmetic industries. Talc being physically, chemically and physiologically inert and have the least adsorption capacity compare to other diluents, so in oral solid dosage formulations, it is used as a lubricant and diluents. It is widely used as a dissolution retardant in the development of controlled release products, as a lubricant in tablet formulations, as an adsorbent. The disintegration behavior of direct compression tablet formulation is improved in presence of talc.

In cosmetic formulations, Talc is used as an anti caking agent, abrasive, absorbent, opacifying agent, bulking agent, skin protectant and slip modifier. Use of such high functionality excipient gives better products with lower costs, shorter time to market, and extended product lifecycle. Typical cosmetic products containing talc are eye shadows, body powders, blushers, face powders, foundations, personal care products, eye liners, make up bases, mascara, lipstick, deodorants, foot powders, rouges, creams, lotions.

As it is harmless, chemically inert and passes through the body without being digested, it is approved as a carrier for food coloring and as a separating agent in seasonings, cheese, sausage skins or table salt.

It is also used as a carrier for fertilizer and in the manufacturing of insecticides and pesticides.