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Sodium Starch Glycolate (SSG) Stargel TM

StargelTM is the sodium salt of carboxymethyl ether. It is a white to off white, tasteless, odorless, free flowing powder. The degree of cross linking and degree of substitution of have been optimized in order to give rapid water uptake by the polymer without the formation of a viscous gel that may impede water penetration into the tablet.

Starch glycolates are of rice, potato, wheat or corn origin. Potato is the preferred type of starch for sodium starch glycolate.


  • Absorbs water rapidly, resulting in swelling which leads to rapid disintegration of tablets and granules.
  • Good flowability and mixing properties
  • Super disintegrant
  • Increased tablet compression pressure


  • Used in direct compression and wet granulation processes.
  • Used in oral pharmaceuticals as a disintegrant with a rapid swelling for tablet and in capsules formulations.
  • Dissolution enhancing agent.
  • Gelling agent.
  • Used as a suspending agent, a food stabilizer and as an anti aging agent for bread.
  • Used in the manufacturing of Ice Cream.