Super Disintegrants


Our disintegrants incorporated into incorporated into the formulation of tablets or capsules, when contact in water promote rapid disintegration to primary particles and facilitating dissolution.


Sodium starch glycolyte (SSG) as Stargel is available as Type A, Type B and Type C suitable for tablet and capsule formulations.


  • Strong swelling properties
  • Effective even in non soluble matrices
  • Effective in direct compression & granulation techniques as well

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Cross Carmellose Sodium (CCS) as HiLoseTM  in formulations is efficient  at low level of use and cross linking allows enhanced bioavailability of the drug through superior drug dissolution.


  • Outstanding water wicking capability generates the volume expansion
  • Robust tablets while maximizing production speed
  • Enhanced stability and greater batch to batch consistency
  • High porosity results in uniform and consistent loading of API

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