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A Special Excipient for your Special Needs!


High Functionality Excipient

HiCel™ HFS, a co-processed excipient that has excellent flow properties to help you achieve uniform weight and drug content in tablets throughout the batch.HiCel™ HFS is best suited for moisture sensitive actives. HiCel™ HFS provides higher flowability, improves disintegration and dissolution profiles than other excipients. This product is specially developed for direct compressible tablet formulation. It is a combination of three pharmacopeial excipients of Microcrystalline Cellulose, Mannitol, and Colloidal Silicon Dioxide.


Advantages of using HiCel™ HFS in your formulation
  • Satisfactory tablet hardness
  • Suitable for moisture-sensitive API
  • Less disintegration time
  • Excellent compatibility,
  • Enhanced lubrication efficiency
  • Improved blending properties


We can see in the graph that HiCelTM HFS provides higher Hardness time and lower Disintegration time, making it an ideal choice for your tablet formulation

Author: Sigachi

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