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Get A Quick Visuals of Sigachi Excipients!

HiCel™ – The Versatile Excipient

Wondering how to select the best binders for your formulations? Don’t worry, Sigachi®​ offers a Versatile Excipient HiCel™ which gives the best binder characteristics to the tablet. Sigachi®​ manufactures a wide range of HiCel™ Special Grades depending on the formulator’s needs​.  Our special grades are highly compatible with most of the API’s and facilitates good blending properties. For more information click on the below image.


Are the elderly and children finding it difficult to swallow the tablets? The Orally Disintegrating Tablets (ODT) disintegrate rapidly in the mouth and need not be swallowed. And Sigachi​ has a solution to enable rapid disintegration to your ODTs, BARETab®​ODT. Along with the rapid disintegration, it also provides better compression, increased absorption, quick dissolution. Want to know more about BARETab® ODT? Tap the below image!

BARETab®​ Nutra

How to overcome major Nutraceutical Formulation Challenges? Sigachi’s BARETab® Nutra, an innovative multi-functionality co-processed excipient is a ready to use composite for Nutraceutical and Food Industry. It helps you overcome the major Nutraceutical problems like content uniformity, hardness, cost, quality to name a few. By using BARETab® Nutra in your formulation products performance improves along with enhanced productivity and quality. For more information click on the below image.

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