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Sigachi’s SuperDisintegrator and Flow Agent

HiLose – The Super disintegrant

HiLose is Sigachi’s brand name for Croscarmellose Sodium. HiLose  is very effective even in low concentration, improving the tablet performance without reducing the hardness.

Benefits of using HiLose™ in your formulation are:

1. HiLose™ helps in Rapid Tablet Disintegration.
2. HiLose™ provides better flowability
3. HiLose™ has very good mixing properties with API’s and other excipients.
4. HiLose™ has great compatibility and stability with API’s.
5. HiLose™ can be used in both wet granulation and direct  compression.

MagLub® – The Flow Agent

MagLub® is Sigachi’s brand name of Magnesium Stearate. MagLub® is generally used in Oral Solid Dosage formulation.  MagLub® is gluten-free lubricant and prevents individual ingredients from sticking to each other and the machine.

Benefits of using MagLub® in your formulation

1. MagLub® increases the production speed by ensuring proper flowability during tablet manufacturing.
2. MagLub® improves the consistency and quality control of medication capsules.
3. In formulation, MagLub® reduces the die fraction during tableting and improves tablet surface.
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